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Belonging in Business Workshop Series

Introduction to Belonging

26th May 2022 – 10am – 12:30pm – £70

Inclusive Marketing

9th June 2022 – 10am – 12:30pm – £70

Building Inclusive Workplaces

16th June 2022 – 10am-12;30pm – £70

Your Impact on Belonging

23rd June 2022 – 10am-12:30pm – £35

The series consists of four workshops and is designed to be taken together. Although each workshop can stand alone, the knowledge and insights gained in one workshop are built on in the next.

The Belonging in Business Workshop Series has been created with small to medium-sized businesses in mind. It will support and empower those with decision-making responsibility to take the first steps on the journey to cultivating truly inclusive organisations.

The first three workshops (An Introduction to Belonging, Inclusive Marketing, and Building Inclusive Workplaces) are specifically designed for those who work in management, leadership, HR or Marketing within their organisations (or who have some responsibility for those areas). The final workshop (Your Impact on Belonging) is designed for all and we would encourage people with all levels of responsibility within their organisations to attend.

If you book the first three workshops, you will gain free access to the fourth.

Simply book tickets to the An Introduction to Belonging, Inclusive Marketing and Building Inclusive Workplaces workshops using the same attendee details and we will send you details for your free ticket to the third, Your Impact on Belonging workshop.

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