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What makes the House of St John’s different to other co-working spaces?

As well as offering an exceptional place to work, we will be using our network of contacts, together with profits from membership to help disadvantaged children in Bath and North East Somerset.

Our charity partner, St John’s Foundation, has established a fund, The Foundation Fund, designed to help level the education playing field in Bath and North East Somerset. Few people realise that behind Bath’s wealthy veneer, there is extensive child poverty and St John’s is committed to addressing this inequality.

In a nutshell, our mission in partnership with St John’s Foundation, is to give all children the same chances to live happy, healthy lives.

The Foundation Fund

The Fund targets children from pre-birth up until they start secondary school. The Fund aims to give them the best opportunities to contribute to our communities for generations to come. The Fund will do this by providing:

  • School dinners

    Nutritious food every day

    It is well documented that children who do not have proper meals, particularly breakfast will not perform as well as their peers at school. It is our ambition to support such families who may be unable to provide for their own children.

  • Safe places for children

    A safe place outside of school

    Some children lack a space they feel safe in and cut backs in recent years have only added to the issue. St John’s aims to readdress this by supporting local communities to develop their own hubs.

  • Behavioural support for children

    Professional behavioural and emotional support

    It is now widely recognised now that the development of children’s emotional and behavioural skills is as important for them as traditional reading, writing and counting skills. The Foundation Fund wants to take a more holistic approach, making sure all aspects of children’s development are recognised.

  • Learning support for children

    Additional support with foundational reading, writing, oracy and mathematics

    It has been demonstrated that by offering support in childcare and educational settings, every child should be equipped with the skills to leave primary school with the appropriate reading, writing and numeracy skills. The Foundation Fund works with experts in these fields to ensure the necessary support is provided.