Client of the Month: Christine Macdonald

Tell us a bit about your business:

My name is Christine and I’m a writer and producer for all kinds of things, from film and television to podcasts and content. Currently I’m the Head of Content at a company called Tulipshare.

What is something interesting about your business?

As a freelancer I used to write blogs and social posts for all kinds of interesting businesses, or research topics for TV scripts, and you pick up random knowledge and expertise about all kinds of things.

When I started writing for Tulipshare I found I was fascinated by their work -they run campaigns pushing big companies to be more ethical or sustainable in various ways. They make it possible for average, everyday people like you or I to buy shares in those companies through Tulipshare’s app and vote to support these ethical proposals at the company’s annual general meetings.

There’s a whole world of shareholder activism that I didn’t know about. Last year we found ourselves teaming up with a group of nuns in the US, who owned shares in JPMorgan. This year we’re working with the National Rainforest Defence Council on a campaign targeting Procter & Gamble – amongst many other cool projects.

What attracted you to HoSJ?

I was looking for a co-working spot when I saw an advertisement about the House opening its doors, so I came to check it out and found it was perfect. 

Obviously, the House is beautiful, there’s loads of space, and everybody I’ve met here has been so friendly and helpful. I’ve attended a few events and workshops run by other members, which I’m really impressed by. The different takes on creativity throughout the house is especially lovely. It’s so useful to have a range of thinkers and creators to connect with.

For me though, the cause it’s connected to is the main attraction and, in my opinion, really important. It’s exciting and quite refreshing to know that the House is promoting something good in the local community and that my membership is intrinsically part of that.

 How will the House benefit your business’ future?

There is so much potential to meet people and network within an environment like the House. The atmosphere is very welcoming and accommodating and it feels like everyone is very much on the same page when it comes to sharing not only the space but also knowledge, talent and creativity.

Even if you just have creative hobbies you’ve been meaning to pursue you can almost certainly find other people here who have similar interests, if not entire workshops to offer (creative writing, meditation, yoga, etc). 

I have a side project that’s been years in the making – a short film that’s being filmed this spring by a fully professional cast and crew. So many people at House of St John’s have been interested and supportive in backing it, which is so incredible! (side note: if we get enough people from Bath to back the Kickstarter, we’ll hold a local screening!).

Finally, what’s your favourite feature of the house?

That’s a difficult question, I love working in the different rooms and I enjoy mixing it up. The Drawing Room is very open and feels especially social though I also like the Den for when I need somewhere cosy and quiet to focus.

Aside from rooms, I would have to say my favourite feature would have to be the Persephone books in the Library. It was always one of my favourite bookshops in London, and I couldn’t believe it when they moved to Bath. To see all of their books here at the House was a dream come true. I’d love to make my way through them all eventually!