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An Unspoken Dialogue: Conversations on a Canvas

9 November 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Carol and Hazel met at University in 1997 studying Fine Art. Alongside their lives and careers, they have regularly met up to continue conversations and art practice. Recently the time felt right to release those conversations together on to the canvas.

Bringing experience from different paths, instinctively and intuitively an unspoken dialogue began. Collaborating on a single piece, working over each others work, with trust, and without judgement something new and unknown emerged. From the movement around the canvas, the responses to the materials and the interaction with it, a continuous conversation was allowed to flow. No right or wrong, no design, responding without talking or thinking; just doing, devoid of all roles and being purely in the moment, until a natural stop.

Carol and Hazel present a series of works. Collaborative pieces and their own individual paintings exploring both the inner and outer landscape and represent a captured moment in time.

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