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    All our profits are donated to our founders, St John’s Foundation to support the aims of the charity’s Best Start in Life initiative.

    This means your memberships, meeting room and events space bookings contribute to their vital work within the BaNES community. Together, we can help children grow and fulfil their full potential, both in school and in life.

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    At the heart of the House of St John’s, we value community and growth. Listening and learning from our members, clients, visitors and guests is central to our aims.

    We work with our members and our founders, St Johns Foundation, to develop innovative ways of reaching the under-served in our community to ensure those most vulnerable get the support they need for a fair and equal start in life.

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    Our unique spaces encourage collaboration, creativity, and personal development, with every feature designed to inspire individuals and teams to learn, grow, and connect.

    We actively seek to engage with businesses and individuals that share our ethos – both those who use the House, and preferred suppliers. We believe working together helps us all to reach our goals and create impact that benefits us all.