What are the benefits of co-working?

Co-working spaces are the modern-day offices – they bring flexibility and collaborative ambiance to the workplace and have increased in popularity over recent years. But what is it like to work in one, and why are more and more individuals choosing them as their preferred working environment?

Put simply, co-working spaces are shared office environments occupied by employees from various companies. They offer innumerable benefits, from being part of a collaborative community of like-minded driven professionals to having the freedom of choice over your working space each day.

Yet despite their obvious advantages over traditional office space and the strength of the regional economy, especially with the creative, technology, arts and publishing industries, Bath has been poorly served when it comes to providing luxury, unique and practical space. Until now that is.

The House of St John’s – a workspace powered by social purpose – opened its doors last February to Bath and beyond.

The space, situated at No. One Queen Square, houses a variety of co-working lounges, private offices, dedicated desks, meeting rooms and a stylish event space with high-end fittings and a luxury aesthetic. Offering ultra-fast broadband, an attentive team of staff and a relaxing lounge and bar, the House is perfect for the new hybrid working lifestyle.

The pandemic taught us a new way of working, with flexibility becoming a priority for many people. The varied offering that co-working spaces provide, allows individuals to shape the space to meet their needs.

Co-working spaces offer a variety of benefits, including:


Co-working spaces are perfect for those who like a change of scenery in their working arrangements. Whether you require a quiet corner or a more collaborative space – House of St John’s have every option.

Cost savings

Co-working spaces can be more cost-effective than leasing a traditional office, especially for small businesses or freelancers, and even more so with the backdrop of rising heating and electricity bills. Plus, think of all the money you could save with unlimited teas and coffees!

Networking opportunities

Shared spaces bring together a diverse group of people from different industries and backgrounds, providing opportunities for collaboration and networking. Rather than outsourcing a service, there may be someone in the building that is an expert in the field and there may even be an opportunity to exchange services to enhance cost-effectiveness.


Facilities such as a member’s bar, boardrooms and meeting rooms, luxury showers, kitchen facilities and an outdoor terrace, provide people everything they need to work efficiently and productively, as well as adding a touch of extra comfort for employee mental and physical wellbeing.


The feedback we receive from our members, is that they prioritise the community at the House over all our other benefits.  Often those working as freelancers and entrepreneurs can miss out on the feeling of belonging which is why working with other co-workers is so favourable. Working in an environment with like-minded people can often spark creativity and conversations that start casually by the coffee machine may segue into more substantial connections and enhance members’ businesses.

Increased productivity

The environment of co-working spaces can increase productivity, motivation and creativity. Research suggests people working in a collaborative space are 7 per cent more productive than those who work at home alone.

Access to events, workshops and classes

Many co-working spaces host events and educational opportunities for members to improve their skills and connect with other professionals. The House of St John’s is no exception, hosting events with social purpose at their heart that focus on the personal and professional growth of attendees.

Book your free co-working trial day at the House today by emailing hello@hosj.co.uk