Client of the Month: Charlie Taylor

Tell us a bit about your business

Knight Frank is a high-end estate agency company operating under a private partnership. We offer a range of property services and specialise in supporting clients in the sale of properties in locations world-wide.  

We’ve just had our 125th year anniversary and I’ve just had my 25th anniversary with the company. For us, longevity is incredibly important and it’s not unusual that we get repeat business. Property is a huge financial asset, and our clients trust us to provide a bespoke service which benefits all involved.

How are you guys different?

In the last five years, we’ve really focused on our customer service. Whilst the threat from online agencies has been present, we decided to go the other way and create a face-to-face service that is luxurious and comfortable, even if it may cost a little bit more.

My team have all undergone a vast amount of training – we’re taught to be as human as possible because our engagement, interaction and dedication is what our clients are looking for.

Last year we won six global customer service awards, which is serious business! We pride ourselves on offering a service which people can really relate to and strive to ensure that every experience has a positive impact on the individual, and hopefully the wider community as well.

What is something interesting about your business?

We’ve got over 450 offices in over 50 territories including Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. As far as I’m aware we’re the largest private partnership in property partnership in the world.

What attracted you to HoSJ?

Our offices on Wood Street have been renovated and are due to be complete in the next few months. We needed a temporary home and the House is within 150 yards of our office, making it a natural option. We looked at a lot of different spaces across Bath, though for us, the House was the perfect choice; the building is beautiful and fits with our brand really well.

It’s brilliant getting to meet and connect with lots of new people. We’ve generated a lot of business through the House and it’s worked very well for us. We’ve also bought in our senior players for some think tank days and they’ve all commented what a fantastic place it is.

What’s your favourite feature of the house?

I love the first floor, that space is fantastic.  It’s great to use such an open space alongside other co-workers – it feels very friendly. We feel very at home here in a relative short period of time, which is really nice.

Finally, how will the House benefit your business’ future?

Well, that’s an exciting one as we’ve made huge advances in the last two years. This year has been especially fruitful, and part of that is due to the networking opportunities provided by sharing the co-working space with so many other great individuals. 

 At Knight Frank, we want to provide our clients with the best possible experience and using the beautiful spaces here in the House is going to really help us achieve that.

Even once we move back into our main offices, I can see there’s still going to be a relationship going forward, we all really love the environment here; it’s got a great feel. I’m very excited to see how we can work together moving into the future.