Client of the Month: James Cornwell

Tell us a bit about your business:

My company is the Curated Property Company, we specialise in managing a select portfolio of the UK’s luxury short-term rental homes.

We started with a handful of properties and now have a portfolio of almost 50 properties in London, Bath, Suffolk and Norfolk as well as South of France and Lanzarote. We specialise in the boutique sphere, catering to some high wealth individuals.

Our business model combines an old school relationship philosophy with a sophisticated, technological approach. Looking at micro, macro data sets and algorithmically based dynamic pricing, we increase yields for our owners.   

How are you guys different?

A lot of property management businesses will use companies like AIRBNB and wait for bookings, which is slow and inefficient. Where we differ is we use a high tech approach to service our clients and their properties.  

We use an algorithmically based, dynamic pricing company that interconnects to our main property management software and that enables us to look at micro macro data events.

In simple terms- our approach analyses nearby events or properties that already have a high volume of bookings. We then adjust prices based on popularity at the time, to ensure owners are achieving the best possible yield from their assets.

We also use a gap-filling technology that allows us to fill the properties during low season and mid-week to combat lulls out of peak season.

What is something interesting about your business?

Our properties are so different, and we have huge range. For example, there is one property with just one bedroom, though we’ve also got a 23 bedroom manor house in Suffolk that comes fully staffed. No one property is the same!

What attracted you to HoSJ?:

I originally saw an Instagram ad several months prior to signing up.  The architecture, location and the interior design originally attracted me to the House, though the informal and relaxed, yet not at all unprofessional environment was a pivotal factor in signing up. 

For me, it’s the small details and high-end touches. The premium finish feels quite homely and obviously, Amy is a superstar. The staff make it – from the moment you arrive it’s very welcoming and casual though manages to retain the atmosphere of a working building.

I’ve also already made some good connections, professionally speaking. House of St. John’s has been fundamental in being invited to a range of events and awards ceremonies, as well as boosting my network significantly. Couple this with the fact there’s a close knit, thriving business community and it’s perfect.

How will the House benefit your business’ future?

At the moment I have a Dedicated Desk, though the library is great to work from. As my team grows, we’d look to jump into a larger office at the House where my team can benefit from the environment and networking opportunities first hand!

I’d also love to use the events space for some cool events. I’ve attended a few functions there already and loved it- it’s a great space to utilise.

Finally, what’s your favourite feature of the house?

My four and a half year old thinks that the hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate in the world! But outside of coffee machines, I would say the entertaining space is amazing. I really love the architecture and ‘informal indulgence’ atmosphere it exudes.