Client of the Month: Joanne Menon

Tell us a bit about your business

My background is Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in creativity. The combination of spirituality, studying the mind, and activating imagination is powerful for my clients. As clients align with the deepest gifts of their soul, they naturally experience success and profound levels of peace.

The core of my practice is helping people slow down in order for them look at life differently. Our egos make us feel like we have to constantly achieve, but it’s the reverse. We have to slow down and learn to act on our inner wisdom with clarity and confidence. That’s what I love teaching people to do.

What attracted you to House of St John’s?

When I found the House of St John’s, I thought what a powerhouse! I toured the House, and within a week I was signing on the dotted line and moving in furniture – it felt like an obvious fit. 

The way the House collaborates is perfect for me. Hollie and Amy run events that engage the health of the community and actively seek out inspirational speakers and workshops. As much as I give, I receive.

Community is also vital. We have the ability to be successful by ourselves, but in community, we tap into our highest level of creativity together. From there we can share our strengths, heal, and develop a language that empowers the whole.

What programmes will you be running?

Ultimately all of my programs teach people to listen to, trust, and act on their intuition. I do that primarily through creativity classes and experiential lectures. Journaling, the Artist’s Way programme, and Sunday Night Writes directly access intuition through art and writing. It’s an inspirational place to dip a toe into spiritual waters if you love the idea of creativity as a path to do so.

For those who are solidly on a spiritual path, or love the idea of radical change, I offer lectures on A Course in Miracles, a masterpiece of spiritual literature. ACIM trains the mind to see the world through a Spiritual lens and offers a beautiful philosophical point of view that brings clarity to life’s greatest questions. Whether it’s challenging relationships, depression, or even “Why am I here?”, ACIM offers solutions.

How will the House benefit your business’ future?

My belief is that everything you need to move forward, to heal, to start something new, is always within your grasp. The House of St John’s is a gorgeous space where I can be supported, and can support others.

I’m looking forward to running workshops in the events space and working with clients from my private office, whilst building a dynamic and supportive community.