New year. New start. New office.

The new year presents a wealth of new possibilities, especially for our work lives.

Traditionally, the start of the year signifies a fresh start, being the optimal time to make resolutions and set goals. It’s the time to tackle our work with new purpose and passion and to make the year ahead purposeful.

To help you successfully kick off 2023, we’ve put together a list of ways to start the new year. These practices will not only get your year off to a great start but practiced long-term, they can transform the way you work.

Mix it up

The benefits of changing your work area are manifold. If you can, get into the habit of changing where you work to best accommodate the task you’re doing – that’s to say, focus work requires a more private space, while the buzz of co-working areas offers the perfect background for collaborative projects. A change of surroundings can help energise you during a mid-afternoon slump and a different posture or chair type – from sitting to standing or reclining – can enhance your focus. 

Lighten your load

Whether you have a dedicated desk, are hotdesking or have a private office, take the beginning of the year to clean out the clutter. Papers from three months ago, articles you’ve been vowing to read and clutter in your drawers can all be shown the door. Having a purge of your workspace can clear a clouded head and get you feeling fresh.  

While you’re at it, why not create a new system for notes, to-do lists and documents that reduces the amount of paper you keep and so making you more environmentally friendly too.

Use technology well

Technology has infiltrated our everyday lives, but we often use it in ways that increase our stress. Many people working from home can struggle with slow internet connections, making meetings and conversations over Zoom calls frustrating and generally affecting our overall productivity.  Why not consider working from a  ‘third space’ – that is to say, a place that is neither your home, nor your ‘official’ work place but a space outside of these areas where you have none of the technology issues, as well as having the opportunity to meet and interact with other like-minded people

Many such places may have bookable meeting rooms which you can book simply, via an app, so cutting down on admin time.

Try to resolve to stop checking your emails constantly, and instead only have 3 designated times throughout the day where you check them. This stops the attention wandering from the job in hand and makes for a far more constructive working style.

Spend more time in the kitchen! 

We all know that you meet the best people in the kitchen at parties and the workplace is no different. Conversations that start casually while making a cup of coffee, can often segue into a more substantial connection or be the ignition for a creative spark.

Choose your work space carefully

People spend a lot of time at work, so having touches of home to make it a comfortable and desirable space makes sense. At the House of St John’s, our attentive staff have gone above and beyond to make its members feel comfortable, by adding greenery from Botanica Studios, luxury toiletries from Natural Spa Factory, artwork from local artists, together with comfortable lounge areas and a mix of reading materials

It helps that HoSJ is large enough to give its members the flexibility to explore different areas of the building, as well as offering a private outdoor area to give people a break from their devices

Try new things

Studies have linked time spent outdoors to improved concentration, better short-term memory, and reduced brain fog. Meaning taking a break equals better work output.

Getting out for a walk every lunchtime will help you feel more focused and inspired and with HoSJ situated in a central spot in the heart of Bath, it couldn’t be better.  And if a decent lunch is on your agenda, our ‘Just Across the Square’ member benefit is a great way of trying our favourite restaurants, cafes and bars at a discounted rate.

Change your commute

Why not use your commute to improve your lifestyle?  If you live close enough, cycling, running, or walking into work daily, will improve your fitness and mental wellbeing without your needing to invest in gym membership. Unfortunately, many workplaces do not offer shower facilities and so this isn’t an option. The House of St John’s provides secure bike areas as well as beautifully appointed shower rooms, equipped with a range of luxury eco-products

Do you have a tip for a great start to the new year in the office? Share them with us!

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